The Story Inn

Haunted Hotels

Many stories include kitchen workers seeing apparitions and objects moving.The most famous room of the inn is called the "Blue Lady Room". Apparently when the blue light is turned on it summons the blue lady to appear. Starting in the mid 1900's, guest books were left for guest to make comments on their visits. Many of the entries referred the blue lady ghost and several of the accounts were very similar in nature and provide for a good read. 6404 South State Road, Nashville, IN (800) 881-1183

Illinois mystery sites

Strange things happen in Illinois. I often take short trips to visit some of the mysterious locations throughout the state. I started this map so I could gauge where these places are. I also learned of many new places and hope the map helps you too. The map is more of a general marker than a detailed description of each spot. Research those that you find interesting, there are lots of books and other websites that can tell you more. I am updating this map often so come back and see what new mysteries have been discovered.
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