Bari Olive Oil (Sunny Cal Gourmet)


So many oils -- especially California ones -- tend to have grassy or herbal notes, so tasting a smokey, roasted, nutty essence in Bari's oil was a pleasant surprise. I think it's the kind of oil that Americans with less of a taste for heavier European oils would gravitate towards, because of its subtlety. Not everybody likes peppery oils that make you cough.

CJ Buxman, of Sunny Cal Gourmet, certainly knows his company's oil and described it well to me in an email. Sez CJ:

"I'm sure you found that it is much smoother than most. It doesn't have a strong peppery taste because we harvest later than most to get the smooth flavor."




10425 Kings River Rd

A bottle of Bari's extra virgin olive oil.

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