My Educational Trek

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1. Garfield School
Kindergarten - Mrs. Ellis
First Grade - Mrs. Tewes
Second Grade
Third Grade - Mrs. Jones
Fourth Grade - Mrs. Stevenson
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01. Our First Home
I lived here from the day I was born until I was eight.
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20. 23. & 25. Billy and Ellen's Ranch
I lived here while student teaching and after graduating from college. I helped out on the ranch and worked at Buttrey's.
June to December of 1985
March 1988 to June 1988 and then September 1988 to June 1989
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03. The Chicken Coops
We lived here from the late fall of 1970 until spring of 1972.
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02. The Snow Shoe Ranch
We lived here for a few months in 1970. I remember living in a small two bedroom trailer. We lived here during Halloween. Our bus driver, Mr. Little, ran over our German shepherd puppy, Oly.
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04. Our Bozeman Home
I think this is the house we lived in in Bozeman. We only lived here for eleven days, but I believe this was the house. I know it was on 17th Ave.
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2. Whittier School
511 N 5th Ave
Bozeman, MT, USA
(406) 522-6750
I attended this school for nine days in fourth fifth grade. I only know it was fifth grade because my sister was in junior high.
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21. Odegard's House
I lived here with four roommates while in college the second time, from January 1986 to June 1987.
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22. 4-plex on Rouse
I'm not sure if this is the exact spot, but I lived in a duplex with Doak and Carol in the summer of 1987 until March of 1988.
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15. North Hedges
I lived here, Room 630 my freshman year, Room 616 for the next 2.7 years, then Room 903 for my final two quarters.
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1. MSU-Bozeman
Reid Hall houses the offices of the Modern Language Department. I earned my first degree in Modern Language: German (B.A.)
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3. MSU-Bozeman: English Degree
I earned my teaching degree at MSU also. The Education Department is also in Reid Hall.
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08. Queens' Ranch
I lived here in sixth grade from
August to February. In the 1990s my old roommate Doak lived here with his family!
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12. & 14. Mitchell Road Home
We built this house just before my sophomore year. I lived here my sophomore and senior years of high school.
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13. Leisure Village
We lived in a trailer about here when I was a junior. I had so much fun. In the summer we'd stay up until 4 in the morning just hanging out.
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05. Grandma's House
We lived here for a few months after leaving Bozeman.
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3. Ray Bjork School
I remember this school (It's not a school anymore though.) We were't allowed to play on the grass. I attended this school in the last of fourth grade and all of fifth grade.
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06. Oregon Street
I lived here in fifth grade.
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07. Washington Street
At the end of fifth grade we bought a house. I started a small garden on the south side of the house. We moved before I saw my watermelons grow from the blossoms.
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10. Fee Street Apartment
After leaving Clyde Park, we couldn't afford the apartment on 11th Ave. so we moved here into subsidized housing. We lived here about a year. During the summer the city had a great program for poor kids.
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11. Dearborn Ave.
After my mom married for the third time, we bought this house. I had a blast here with my step-brother Frank. We lived here until my sophomore year.
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1. Helena Junior High School
It's now called Helena Middle School. I was enrolled here in seventh grade.
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Helena Senior High School
Home of the Bengals. I graduated here after attending for three years.
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09. 11th Ave. Apartment
We lived here after leaving Clyde Park. I came home for lunch every day. Mrs. Paige was my teacher. She would have us do earthquake drills. Mr. Howe was my science teacher. He was mean.
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5. Central Elementary School
402 N Warren St
Helena, MT, USA
(406) 324-1230
I went here in sixth grade.
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2. C.R. Anderson School
This school went from kindergarten to ninth grade. I attended in eighth and ninth grades. In ninth grade I worked in the office for one period. The fire chief called the office one day and asked the school to set off the alarm in the ninth grade wing. I was chosen to pull the alarm. The office staff hadn't had time to tell the principal, so he was searching for the disruptive student. I was a bit scared but tried to admit doing it. No one would believe me.
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1c. Student Teaching at Garfield
I had to spend a week of my student teaching experience in the fifth grade. It was fun going back to the school I first attended as a child. I also subbed in this building my first year as a teacher.
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1a. Fergus High School
Not only did I complete my student teaching here, I also started my substitute teaching here.
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1b. Lewistown Junior High School.
I didn't sub here often, but I do remember subbing for the band and choir classes. Wow, those were huge classes.
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2. Geyser Public Schools
I had my first teaching job here. I taught English and German from 1989 to 1993
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28. Jack Huotari's House
During my first year in Geyser, Wade found a job there. We moved into this house on the ranch.
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27. Busch Trailer
I rented this house when I was hired in Geyser. Wade and I got married just after that. We spent our wedding night here. (Oh, this is no the house; it was just a double-wide trailer when I lived here.)
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3a. C.R. Anderson
I subbed here a couple of times.
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3b. Jefferson Elementary School
1023 E Broadway St
Helena, MT, USA
(406) 324-2060
I subbed here some too.
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30. Staying with Becky.
In 1992 I separated from Wade for a few months. Mary and I arrived here to try to get my life back on track.
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19. Belair Estates
After graduating college in 1985, I needed to live somewhere. I stayed with my sister Becky for a couple of months.
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31. 4-Plex in East Helena
In September and October of 1993, Mary and I lived here for a couple of months. We shared the apartment with a guy named Doug. We didn't see him much, but shared the space because we needed somewhere to live. We had a mutual friend, so that's how we found the place.
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4. Roy Public Schools
I taught here from 1996 to 2004.
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34. 202 Cowan Street
We bought this trailer in February 2001. Our first home purchase. We lived in it from April of 2001 until August 2004. Mary wrecked her motor cycle across the street in the gravel of the highway department.
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33. Jerome's Trailer
I know there's no trailer here now, but at one time, there was. It's moved a couple blocks north now.
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29. Roy School Trailer
We lived in a rental when we first moved to Roy after leaving Geyser in 1993. We only lived here for two months.
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32. Keefer Ranch
We lived on this ranch from October of 1993 until October of 2000, exactly seven years.
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35. Home in Fairview
We bought this house in Fairview in August of 2004. It's a good thing we did. It was scheduled for a sheriff's sale in September.
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5. Fairview Consolidated Schools
I started teaching here in August of 2004. I teach English and have taught German. I am also the technology coordinator. Through the EMTEC grant I have been trained as a Master Teacher teaching the Intel courses.
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24. Living with Dad
5101 Hackberry Ln
Sacramento, CA 95841,
After graduating in 1988, I decided to go live with my dad in Sacramento. I only lasted three months. The temperature was in the 100s most of July and August. I arrived on Father's Day and left right after Dad's birthday.
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17. Kafka Haus
1190 Vienna, Austria,
My senior year I enrolled at the UofM for a study abroad program. For eleven weeks I lived in Vienna at the Kafka home at 17 Dreimarksteingasse in Vienna.
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2a. Study Abroad Classes
My study abroad program in 1984 was held in a room in one of these buildings. I'm not exactly sure where anymore, but it was in this neighborhood.
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6. German Immersion Workshop
Flathead Lake
Through the UofM and the Göthe Institute a class is held each August at Yellow Bay.
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5. Utah State University: Journalism
160 Old Main HL
Logan, UT, United States
(435) 797-1096
In August 1992 I attended a four day journalism course here. We had a team of only teachers. We called ourselves the Dream Team. We had fun building our mock yearbook. We named it "Basically Black and White" in honor of having no color in it and of our guest speaker who used the word basically at least 200 times during his keynote.
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8. Lesley University
29 Everett St
Cambridge, MA, USA
(617) 868-9600
Although I've never been to this state, I did earn my master's degree through Lesley. We met one weekend a month at Billings West High School in Billings, MT. It was an experience I'll cherish for the rest of my life.
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2. 18 Credits-never on campus!
University of Montana
I earned 18 quarter credits through the UofM without having to be on campus. 15 of those were during the Study Abroad program in Vienna, Austria. The other 3 were through a German Immersion workshop at Yellow Bay on Flathead Lake.
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6. UofM Distance Education
So, in 2004 I applied to teach a distance learning course. It was not the most successful experience. I don't know where it went wrong, but I think not requiring the students to have a vested interest may have had something to do with it.
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4. University of Montana-Western
Dillon, MT, USA
(406) 683-7175
My first distance learning course was taken through Western. I took a course to learn about bulletin board systems. Oh, that seems like a lifetime ago. It was probably 1990 or 1991.
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7. Michigan State
Michigan State University
S Harrison Rd, East Lansing, MI,
Integrating Technology into the Foreign Language Classroom:
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7. Rocky Boy High School
Box Elder, MT
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36a. We moved in in July 2007
814 and 822 6th Street North
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4. Clyde Park Schools
Clyde Park, MT
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16. Living with Dad
Zortman, MT
I spent some time living here with Dad. I worked for him at the Miner's Club Bar. We lived behind the bar in a trailer. The trailer burned up just before Christmas that year.
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18. Square Butte Ranch
I lived here with Dad after my junior year of college.
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10a. DY Junction
My Dad lived here while I was growing up. We spent a couple summers here.
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26. Wade's Trailer
When Wade and I first lived together, it was here, on Jim Murphy's ranch-- June 1989 to August 1989.
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37. Moved here on August 15, 2011
222 7th St
Havre, Mt 59501, US
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9. Colorado State University
2 college credits X 2 for attending the AFDC conference in 2008 and 2009.