Tour of Chicago-Milwaukee Serial Murder Sites

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I-55 Bridge over the Des Plaines River
After his crawlspace filled up, John Wayne Gacy dumped bodies from this bridge.
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Speck Murder Site - 2319 E. 100th St.
Richard Speck raped and murdered eight student nurses in this townhouse.
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Holmes Murder Castle Site - S. Wallace and W. 63rd St
H.H. Holmes built his murder castle on this site.
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Gacy Murder Site - Formerly 8213 W. Summerdale
Gacy's home stood on this site. it was razed after the murders and a new house was built on the site.
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Dahmer's Workplace - Ambrosia Chocolate Factory Former Site
Jeffery Dahmer worked here during his killing spree.
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Dahmer's Pick up Place - Ambassador Hotel
Dahmer picked up at least one of his victim's in the bar here.
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Dahmer Murder Site - 924 N. 25th Street
Dahmer's apartment building stood on this spot.