Area 51 Driving Tour Map

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Downtown Las Vegas
Begin your driving tour from downtown Las Vegas
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Extraterrestrial Highway Sign
Sign marking the beginning of the Extraterrestrial Highway Route 375.
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Alien Research Center
Giant statue of an alien next to the always closed research center. Mysterious.
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Tikaboo Peak
Best viewing spot for Area 51 (26 miles away). CAUTION: These are dirt roads and will require a 4-wheel drive vehicle. Come prepared with water and do your research. This is a remote location
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Groom Lake Road
Route to front entrance of Area 51. If you want to get a taste of the perimeter, it's better to approach the back gate.
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The Black Mailbox
Famous UFO viewing site. It was here that Bob Lazar suggested coming at night to view the alien spacecraft hovering above Area 51.
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Back Gate of Area 51
CAUTION: This is a restricted government area. This is not a joke. These people are serious. You can approach, but stay 30 feet back.
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Little "A" Lee Inn
Unofficial visitor center for UFO enthusiasts. You must stop here to bone up on the Area 51 lore, meet the friendly staff, and have a few laughs.
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Project Faultless Site
Nuclear test site. CAUTION: This is a very remote location accessible by dirt roads. Bring water and do your research before coming.