Butler & Company

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Butler and Company
3337 W 4th Ave
Vancouver, BC V6R 1N6
(604) 318-3838
We represent injured people in complex personal injury and insurance cases. A leading personal injury law firm serving western Canada. Vancouver personal injury lawyer Jamie Butler - specializing in multiple areas such as ICBC injury claims, car accidents, drunk driving DUI, administrative roadside prohibitions (IRP/ADP), criminal charges, slip and fall, assaults, and much more. Jamie Butler has been fighting for the little guy against the big corporations for over 15 years - he can even help you where other law firms refuse to take on the complex cases - Jamie Butler has an outstanding track record of winning both small and large cases and getting a fair settlement for his clients. Located in beautiful Kitsilano in Vancouver - Call him before you call the insurance company - you'll be glad you did!