Ivanhoe Map

Map of locations in Ivanhoe, written in 1920 by Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832)

"Maps of the Classics" by Peter Biggins
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Wentworth, England, GB
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Rotherham, England, GB
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Sheffield, England, GB
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Doncaster, England, GB
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Conisborough Castle
Conisbrough, DN12 3BU, GB
Where Athelstane, descendant of the last Saxon king, was from.
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Ashby de la Zouch Castle
Ashby-de-la-Zouch, LE65 1BR, GB
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Loxley, England, GB
One of the places claimed as the birthplace of Robin Hood.
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St. John de Acre
Acre, North District, IL
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Mount Carmel
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Leicester, England, GB
Where Kirgath Jairam of Lombardy lived.
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Heather, England, GB
Where Ralph de Vipont, a Knight of St. John of Jerusalem, has some ancient possessions.
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Jorvaulx Abbey
Jervaulx, England, GB
Where the Prior of Jorvaulx, a member of Prince John's retinue, was from.
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Winchester, England, GB
Where Alfred the Great was buried in 899.
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Wantage, England, GB
Town where Alfred the Great was born in 849.
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Ashkelon, South District, IL
Closest the Crusaders under king Richard had gotten to Jerusalem.
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Hastings, England, GB
Where William the Conqueror won the battle in 1066.
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Fontevraud Abbey
Fontevraud-l'Abbaye, Pays de la Loire 49590, FR
Where Richard I is buried.
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Stamford Bridge, England, GB
Where Harold defeated the Vikings in 1066, three weeks prior to his defeat by William the Conqueror at the Battle of Hastings.
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Burton upon Trent, England, GB
Home of Waltheoff, the Abbot of St. Withold, to whom Ivanhoe was related.
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Temple Hirst, England, GB
Area where the Preceptory of Templestowe was. One day's journey from the Castle of Torquilstone.
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Dürnstein Castle
Where Richard the Lionhearted was held captive by the Duke of Austria in 1192.
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Nottingham, England, GB
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Sherwood Forest
, GB
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York Minster
Where Ivanho and Rowena were married.
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Châlus, Aquitaine-Limousin-Poitou-Charentes 87230, FR
Where Richard the Lion-Hearted died in 1199.