Paranormal Locations

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Abbie Gardner Cabin
Spirits, Ghost of Abbie Gardner and Spirits that may follow you home.
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Holy Cross Cemetery
Shadowy Grim Reaper figure, Glowing Orbs, and a Hanging Tree
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Kate Shelley High Bridge
Ghost of Kate Shelley, Spectral locomotives and sounds.
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The Gypsy Cemetery
AKA the Union Township Cemetery. Apparitions, strange weather patterns, a peculiar flock of birds and a curse.
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Clark Middle School
Spectral woman in a white dress, lights going off and on, sounds of music playing.
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Courtyard Anchorage Airport
Room 201 is haunted by a man who died and wasn't found for days, a spectral cat is said to roam the halls.
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Little A'Le'Inn
Quaint restaurant & lodging with UFO memorabilia.
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Zaffis Museum of the Paranormal
The mysterious personal collection of a professional paranormal investigator.
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Cedar Rapids Public Library
450 5th Avenue SE
Cedar Rapids , Iowa 52401
ghost of a deceased regular visitor, strange noises and items flying off shelves.
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Oak Hill Cemetery
1705 Mt Vernon Rd SE
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52403
(319) 362-8452
A ghost of a young woman named Tillie who carries a candle is seen here.
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American Theatre
108 East Main Street
Cherokee, Iowa 51012
Orbs, cold spots, feelings of dread and seeing people out of the corner of your eye that disappear.
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Buddy Holly Crash Site
Memorial is said to be haunted by the spirits of these famous musicians.
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Historic Dodge House
605 S. 3rd St.
Council Bluffs, Iowa 51503
(712) 322-3504
Strange noises, glowing orbs and a spectral nurse roaming the halls.
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Schwartz Hotel
48 N. Pine Street
Alma , Colorado
Strange feelings, lights and a ghost of a girl who hanged herself from the upper balcony have been seen at this hotel.
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The Historic Brown Hotel
208 N. Ridge St.
Breckenridge, Colorado
(970) 453-0084
Haunted by the spirit of a woman usually sighted in the ladies bathroom.
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Train Bridge Over Kiowa Creek
A ghost train, apparitions, and a hell hound with red glowing eyes.
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Bonne and Clyde Death Site
Small memorial marker. Bonnie and Clyde are said to haunt this location and at night you can hear the sounds of gunfire.
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International Cryptozoology Museum
4 Thompson's Point Road
Suite 106
Portland, ME Portland, ME 04102.
Museum of Cryptids
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UFO Watchtower
Camp ground and visitor center in a high sighting area. UFO conferences are held here too.
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Huggin' Molly
Abbeville, AL 36310, US
A 7 foot tall specter that grabs children who are out after dark, hugs them tight and screams in their ear.
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La Carafe
813 Congress Ave
Houston, TX 77002, US
Said to be the oldest bar in Houston, guests who visit here have reported seeing the ghost of a large African American man roaming the upstairs. Many have heard heavy footsteps and dragging sounds throughout the building. The great thing is this old bar is still open today! Stop in, have a drink and keep your eyes and ears open!
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Presidio La Bahia
217 US-183
Goliad, TX 77963, US
Founded in 1721, this Spanish fort was the site of some deadly conflicts. With deadly conflicts come hauntings. It is said that the area is permeated with the spirits of soldiers who died here. Witnesses have seen apparitions of these solders, and some have heard the scared and angry cries of pain of these spirits at night.
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Elks Lodge 537
619 Pleasant St
Miles City, MT 59301, US
During prohibition, this lodge was a pretty wild place. Bonnie and Clyde even played cards here. In 1936 there was a suicide and from then on, the spirit of a woman dressed in a long dress has been seen in the hallways of the building. Some other recorded paranormal events at this location include an image of a spirit exiting a bathroom, and the sounds of a woman moaning and screaming which was captured by Montana Paranormal Research Society.
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Copper King Mansion
219 W Granite St
Butte, MT 59701, US
Believed to be haunted by the original owner of the location, William Andrews Clark. Activity at this location include sightings of strange shadows, hot and cold spots that appear randomly throughout the house, but perhaps most interestingly, there are reports of guests being overwhelmed by a feeling of being welcome when they enter the home. There also have been sightings of a light colored fog that is mainly seen in the first floor hallway and in the basement. The mansion is now a Bed and Breakfast, so you paranormal investigators can rent a room and may have a shot at recording some activity.
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Pope Lick
A satyr looking creature is said to roam the Pope Lick Train Trestle luring victims to their deaths.
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Okie Pinokie Woods
The Okie Pinokie Woods. Investigators have recorded screams, voices and if you whistle, it is said a whistle will come back from deep in the woods.
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The Dake House
2242 Main St
Genoa, NV 89411, US
(775) 782-4591
The Dake House is a working, haunted antique store. Apparitions, odors and physical contact with unseen forces have been experienced here.