Kristopher Marsh

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Modern tools for modern readers

When you love to read, you do it wherever you are. It doesn’t matter that you are at home and that you’ve completed all your chores, that you are on the subway, heading to work or on a play, travelling. The big problem is that carrying a big paper book all around is complicated. Big paper books are heavy and they occupy a lot of space, so carrying one around is highly inconvenient. This is why we strongly recommend you not to waste time anymore and learn more about modern tools for modern readers. Have you ever tested an e-book reader? E-book readers are more and more popular; in fact, they even gained popularity among the third age population. This is because these modern reading tools have proved to be convenient and efficient, so people are more open minded about testing them.

If you are a third age person who decided to spend the free time you have these years travelling and seeing the world but you are also a passionate reader, you should check out some Nook Vs Kindle for older people comparisons. Nook and Kindle are two of the most popular e-book readers on the market and they have managed to attract a lot of attention thanks to their excellent features and specifications. The only problem is that they not as alike as they seem to be; in fact, there are a lot of specifications that differentiate them from one another. For example, Nook comes with an external memory card slot, which is not available for Kindle. This might prove to be highly useful as even though both Kindle and Nook have an internal storage capacity of 1,500 books, this simply won’t be enough if you travel most of the time. This is a specification that might weight the balance in favor of Nook a little bit but there is something else that evens it up: the battery. Kindle’s battery lasts two weeks without any problems, but Nook’s battery will only last about 10 days. Here is another difference between these two products that you need to take into consideration.

Since you are so ready to start using a modern tool for reading, we strongly recommend you to check out the market before you make a purchase. As mentioned above, Nook and Kindle are two of the best e-book readers now available but the offer is highly diverse so you should do some additional reading on it. I know for sure that you are going to choose the right e-book reader if you check out the most popular products on the market, learn more about their features and also check out their customer feedback. The customer feedback is an important tool to take into consideration as it represents an easy way to get access to some very helpful information offered by people who have already tested products you are interested in. These people are willing to share their experience with you, so learn to take advantage of this to the fullest.