Chekhov Map

Locations in the life of Anton Chekhov and his 5 short novels.

"Maps of the Classics" by Peter Biggins
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gorod Taganrog, Rostovskaya oblast', RU
Where Anton Chekhov was born in 1860 and lived until 1879. Anton spent nearly half of his life here.
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Badenweiler, Baden-Württemberg, DE
Health spa where Anto Chekhov died in 1904 of tuberculosis.
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Alushta, Avtonomna Respublika, UA
Town near Yalta where Chekhov built a house and moved to in 1899. He write The Cherry Orchard here.
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gorod Moskva, gorod Moskva, RU
Where Chekhov went to medical school and visited many times during his life. Where Laptev lived in Three Years
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село Мелихово, Moskovskaya oblast', RU
Where Chekhov lived from 1892 to 1899. He wrote The Seagull here.
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Saint Petersburg
gorod Sankt-Peterburg, Sankt-Peterburg, RU
Second largest city of Russia. Where An Anonymous Story takes place.
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gorod Novocherkassk, Rostovskaya oblast', RU
Town in the Don Steppe visited by Chekhov in 1887. The Don Steppe inspired Chekhov to write The Steppe in 1888.
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gorod Sochi, Krasnodarskiy kray, RU
Resort on the Black Sea near the Northern Caucasus Mountains, reminiscent of where The Duel took place. Site of the 2014 Winter Olympics.