Walking into the Wardrobe

Tracing the route of C.S. Lewis
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Dundela Villas
Birth place of Jack
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Little Lea
76 Circular Road
Belfast, North Ireland BT42DT, UK
The big house (1905-1930)
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St. Mark's Church
2 Sydenham Avenue
Belfast, North Ireland BT4 2DR, UK
The Church
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Holywood Aeches Library
4-12 Holywood Road
Belfast, North Ireland BT4 1NT, UK
Winner (small new) Public Library Building Awards 1999.
A wardrobe sculpture by Ross Wilson.
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Linen Hall Library
17 Donegall Square North
Belfast, North Ireland BT1 5GB, UK
A unique collection of books by and about CS Lewis.
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Queen's University of Belfast
University Rd
Belfast, North Ireland BT7 1NN, UK
Jack's mother studied here.
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The Old Inn
The Old Inn
Crawfordsburn, County Down, North Ireland BT19 1JH, UK
They talked here.
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Holywood Hills