Canadian Craigslist dating

It’s one of the options for SMS or text messages you can send to your Ex as a form of revenge at the website,

A bit harsh, wouldn’t you say? You should see the rest. Gah.

When I came across the site, it made me laugh a little. I found it ludicrous that something like it exists. But I got to give him for tapping into this kind of, er, market. It made me wonder if any of you would consider availing this service to “get revenge on your ex”?

And the headline read:

Mmm, sweaty! Women aroused by male scent

Chemical in perspiration boosts female hormone levels, study finds

I’ll admit, I’ve seen the headline a few times and I shoved it to the wayside because I just can’t think about icky, sticky, smelly sweat as being a turn on. Apparently researchers have found that it turns a number of women are and they’re sharing complete details of their findings.

Now, I’m thinking because the women in this study were of the average age of 21, they might not have a whole lot of experience doing the dirty, sweaty laundry of men, so I can see how this might be skewed just a bit.

I’d like to see the study conducted casting housewives as the study participants and see just how far this little study would go.

Perhaps I’m being a little harsh here, but seriously ladies, do you think the study might be mistaking the trauma associated with smelling the sweat of men and elevated “chemicals” with arousal?