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Understanding Cone Crusher In Depth

All stone crushing machines used in various mining industries, including the stone crusher plant, are used to crush aggregate stones to make them smaller in size.

Of the many types of stone crusher machines that exist, we will usually see jaw crusher machines and cone crusher machines that are used to carry out the process of crushing aggregate stone.

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jaw crusher


What Is A Cone Crusher?

Cone crusher is a type of stone crusher used in stone crusher plants to crush rocks. Usually the cone crusher machine will be used in secondary, tertiary, and quaternary.

Cone crusher is a type of stone crusher machine that relies on the pressure force to crush the rock by pressing or compressing the rock that enters between the cone crusher coat and the cone crusher shaft.

A cone crusher type stone crusher machine is a type of stone crusher that relies on pressure forces so that it can compress large stones into smaller sizes with the help of a cone crusher coat and cone crusher shaft.

The cone crusher specification is determined from the diameter of the cone crusher coat and the size of the cone crusher shaft. Cone crusher is suitable for crushing various types of stone.

How Does The Cone Crusher Machine Work?

Various types of rocks such as aggregate or coal can be fed into the feed cone crusher, where the rocks will be pressed between the cone crusher coat and the shaft of the cone crusher.

After the rocks are crushed, the reduced size stones will fall under the cone crusher and come out of the cone crusher to be transported using a mine conveyor belt to be transferred again to a vibrating screen machine to be sieved using a rock screen wiremesh screen.

We can adjust the size of the resulting stone by adjusting the size of the hole at the bottom of the cone crusher. The use of this method is better than if we use a jaw crusher.




Cone Crusher Parts

To be able to understand the functions of each part of the cone crusher, we need to understand the parts of the cone crusher:

1. Rotation Shaft

The rotation pivot point is the point where the cone is placed so that the cone can rotate on its axis.

2. Cone

The cone crusher which is in the form of a cone which is placed at the rotation axis point in order to crush the aggregate into the size we want.

3. Feed

The input point for the aggregate is entered so that later the stone can be crushed by a cone crusher machine.

4. Exit

After the aggregate stone has gone through the crushing process, the aggregate stone will come out of the bottom of the stone crusher so that later it can be moved with the mine conveyor belt to the stone sieve wiremesh screen.

5. Crushing Chamber

The crushing chamber is a serrated shape that is on the outer layer of the cone crusher machine so that it can crush the rock into the desired size.

6. Coat Cone Crusher

The mantle cone crusher is a part of the cone crusher machine which functions to assist the crushing process of the rock carried out by the cone.