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Spot Restaurant
201 South Ohio Avenue
Sidney, OH, United States
So iconic in Sidney is The Spot that in 2004 while campaigning in the battle grounds of Ohio, President George W. Bush paid a visit.
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Bell Buckle Cafe
16 Railroad Square
Bell Buckle, Tennessee, United States
This desert is more proof that god wants us to be happy. It was like a moist 2" thick oatmeal cookie smothered in caramel sauce. It's impossible for me to impress upon you how much this desert impressed me. I was almost reduced to tears.
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Raceway Cafe
Allen serves up a variety of southern style BBQ as well as some "Caribbean style" or "Jerk" chicken for those who are familiar with it. The menu changes daily but there are some constants like BBQ chicken and Polish sausage.
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Honey's Restaurant and Billiards
Today, be they farmers, doctors, lawyers or visitors, a new generation of customers enjoys the food at what is now known as Honey's Restaurant and Billiards.
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Little Paul's Barbecue
815 Madison St SE
Huntsville, AL, United States
Paul's has a nice sized menu and pretty much true to it's roots, BBQ. There are healthy options like salads but pretty much everything has some meat and most of that meat has spent time in the pit.
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Big Bob Gibson's Bar-B-Q
1715 6th Avenue Southeast
Decatur, AL, United States
Big Bob is the Patriarch of Alabama BBQ. A style that bridges the gap between the vinegar and mustard based sauces to the east with the tomato and molasses based sauces to the west.
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Dixie Freeze
On the one hand it's a drive in with walk up service. Park your car, walk up to the window and order. On the other hand it serves good ole southern style cooking in the dining room. Either way you look at it, you're in for some good eats.
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Texas Tavern
It's cozy, cramped and full of character. This was also noted by John T. Edge in his book, Southern Belly. The Ultimate Food Lovers Guide to the South.
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Sammy T's
801 Caroline Street
Fredericksburg, VA, United States
With a menu that is probably 80% meatless it just wouldn't seem like my kinda place. A peruse of the menu though showed that diners from both sides of the meat debate can be satiated.
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Baby's Burgers & Shakes
131 South Garner Street
State College, PA, United States
Baby's 50's theme carries throughout the place. A Wurlitzer jukebox in the corner. Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis music filling the air. Even the wait staff is dressed the part. The whole idea was to get back to the basics. Home made food at reasonable prices in a family friendly atmosphere. On that, Baby's delivers.
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Joe's Gizzard City
120 West Main Street
Potterville, MI, United States
Since it's a "Gizzard City" and since Mrs. Sippi loves gizzards, she went with the Naked Fried Gizzards. A full order is the entire plate. It was huge. She could only manage half the plate with all the other goodies. As for how good they were. Awesome!!
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Blimpy Burger Krazy Jim's
551 South Division Street
Ann Arbor, MI, United States
Nestled just off campus of the University of Michigan is Krazy Jim's little burger shack.
Blimpy Burger is one of those places where you'd best not mess up your order. They have a procedure. It's writen in stone. This ordering process, while seemingly out of a Seinfeld episode is both for show and for efficiency.
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E N Umberger Store-Skeeter's
165 E Main St
Wytheville, VA, United States
Plain white hot dog buns with red weiners. Both are steamed. They come in a variety of options but the "Works" dog is the home run. Each component of the "Works" dog is nothing all that special in and of its self. It's the sum that's far greater than that of it's parts. I'm not sure what kind of witchcraft they practice in there but the balance of flavours is just perfect. The fact that they've sold over 6 million of these Skeeter dogs would lead you to believe that I'm not alone in my assertion.
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Stan's Restaurant-Souvenirs
1555 Bear Creek Pike
Columbia, TN, United States
I once read in a review "Cracker Barrel don't have a lick on this place" and it's true. About all the two places have in common is they both sell food and trinkets. While the menus may look the same, don't kid yourself, Stan's outshines in every way in the kitchen.
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Athens Pastries Pies
509 Danforth Avenue
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
If the pastries in the front window wasn't enough to convince you you were on to something, the fact that they make and sell their own phyllo is should seal the deal.
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Babu Takeout And Catering
4800 Sheppard Avenue East
Toronto, ON, Canada
Located in the back of a strip mall at 4800 Sheppard Ave. E. it's a take out only Sri Lankan place offering both the sweet and the savoury. Upwards of a couple dozen delicious looking a la carte offerings all of which I'd never sampled. We took our goodies and had a picnic in a local park.
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Doce Minho Pastry And Bakery
2189 Dufferin Street
Toronto, ON, Canada
This Portuguese bakery on Dufferin St. bakes perhaps the best Natas (custard tarts) in the city.
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Simba Grill
375 Donlands Avenue
Toronto, ON, Canada
I love butter chicken. Granted it's probably the gateway drug to Indian food and done to death but hey, if you're gonna make it this good, you do it.
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Columbus Bakery
2931 Dufferin St
Toronto, ON M6B 3S7, CA
Specializing in Columbian baked goods, it's quickly becoming a favourite of mine and some of my partners in crime.
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Martin's BBQ
7238 Nolensville Rd
Nolensville, TN 37135, US
Martin's does it all. Chicken, turkey, brisket, BBQ, ribs and in the catering end, they go "Whole hog."
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Kewpee Burger
111 N Elizabeth St
Lima, OH 45801, US
Kewpee Burgers has been in operation for nearly 90 years making it America's second oldest chain behind White Castle.
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Chuck Wagon Diner
201 Oak St
Fayetteville, TN 37334, US
They're the 4 time reigning "Best Breakfast in Fayetteville" and their BBQ, served Thursday through Saturday is award winning.
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Rootbeer Stand
129 18th Street
Corbin, KY, United States
The Root Beer Stand is a way of life in Corbin. So popular it doesn’t need a sign. People just know it’s the place. The non descript brown building that kinda looks like an Old A & W.
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American Coney Island
115 Michigan Avenue
Detroit, MI, United States
Such is the iconic status of ACI that a who's who of Detroit (and beyond for that matter) have visited as well as all the local network affiliates and the Today show.
Recently ACI has been featured on Man vs. Food and in upcoming episodes of Food Wars and Iron Chef America.
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Tony Packo's Catering
1902 Front Street
Toledo, OH, United States
Tony Packo's became famous on February 24, 1972 when Corporal Maxwell Klinger (Jamie Farr, a native Toledoan) uttered the words, "If you're ever in Toledo, Ohio, on the Hungarian side of town, Tony Packo's got the greatest Hungarian hot dogs. Thirty-five cents..."
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Zingermans Deli
422 Detroit Street
Ann Arbor, MI, United States
Zingerman's does do some old school stuff but also sources out other items. The corned beef is their own recipe and for the pastrami they created the recipe with their good friend Sy Ginsberg.
As for the food it was fantastic.
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Jack Daniel Distillery
182 Lynchburg Highway
Lynchburg, TN, United States
Home of the World Championship Jack Daniels Invitational Barbecue held annually every October the distillery also serves up a fine "Mess" of 'cue in the Pavillion on Barbecue Hill.
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The Friendly Tavern
290 South Main Street
Zionsville, IN, United States
The overall feel of this place is, well, friendly. The waitress would always spend an extra second or two chatting when she stopped by. The owner came by and asked where we were from and we ended up in a conversation with the table next to us.
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Broadbent B & B Food Products
257 Mary Blue Road
Kuttawa, KY, United States
I've tried a lot of country ham in my time and a lot of it has been very good. Broadbent's in Kuttawa, Kentucky is definately the best. If you don't believe me, one of their hams sold for half a million dollars at the Kentucky State Fair in 2006. That's good ham.
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skyline Chili
7899 Mall Rd
Florence, KY 41042, US
Cincinnati hails it's self as the chili capital of America. The truth is, as far as chili parlours go, Cinci probably is the capital. The other truth is, about the only thing it has in common with a bowl of red is meat. Beef of course.
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Dreamland BBQ
3855 University Dr NW
Huntsville, AL 35816, US

The menu varies slightly from restaurant to restaurant but one thing is for sure, when it comes to the ribs, "Ain't nothing like 'em .. nowhere."
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Rose Cafe
324 Broadview Ave
Toronto, ON M4M 2G9, CA
Rose’s place is a small cafe/grocery store specializing in Vietnamese fast foods and deserts. Sandwiches, spring rolls and banana leaf wrapped delicacies are interspersed with South Asian dry goods and even DVD’s.
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The Burger's Priest
1636 Queen St E
Toronto, ON M4L, CA
rmed with his love of burgers and memories of the great California based chain In-N-Out Burgers, seminary student Shant has opened the Burger’s Priest. His goal is to repatriate the “Classic American” burger to Toronto. He bristles at the thought of being called “Gourmet.”
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Taste of Tunisia
1475 Danforth Avenue
Toronto, ON, Canada
“An intoxicating menu that fuses the cuisines of North Africa, Southern Italy and France in Toronto’s only Tunisian restaurant.”
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A Taste Of The Islands
16700 Bayview Avenue, Unit 26
Newmarket, ON, Canada
Taking the recipes she learned at the feet of her grandmother in Jamaica, she leased out a small unit in an industrial mall in Newmarket and started gaving the locals “A Taste of the Islands.”
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Mission Burrito Inc.
109 McCaul street
Toronto, ON, Canada
Opened in 2008 Mission Burrito is committed to serving fresh quality ingredients at reasonable prices. They’re more than just burritos too. Tacos, quesadillas and even Mexican inspired salads round out the menu.
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Pho Saigon
16925 Yonge St
Newmarket, ON L3Y 5Y1, CA
As with Fight Club, the first rule of Pho is there are no rules. You order a bowl of broth and noodles and whatever protein or combination there of you like with it. Mix and match, customize your bowl as you see fit.
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Messini Authentic Gyros
445 Danforth Ave
Toronto, ON, Canada
I present some of the most authentic Greek food the city of Toronto has to offer.
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Charlie the Butcher
1065 Wehrle Dr
Williamsville, NY, United States
Hamburgers and other fine fare such as pulled pork or turkey sandwiches as well as malteds, shakes and loganberry drinks fill out the menu. It’s the beef on weck that draws ‘em in though. “No one slices like Charlie the Butcher” he claims and it’s hard to argue.
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Lake Effect Diner
3165 Main Street
Buffalo, NY, United States
Oranges are fresh squeezed for juice to order. Beef is corned and hams are smoked and cured in house. They grind their own beef and make their own sausage. This old school way of running a restaurant is married with diner classics like meatloaf, burgers, club sandwiches and of course, breakfast.
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Big Spring Cafe
2906 Governors Dr SW
Huntsville, AL 35805, US
It just seems like this is the kind of place that’s seen what history can throw at it and it’s weathered the storm. Still standing, a little worse for wear but hasn’t lost it’s heart.
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Dotson's Restaurant
99 East Main Street
Franklin, TN, United States
Opened by Clara and Chester Dotson in 1949 serving home cooked meals the now 63 year old restaurant is an institution for the locals.
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Po Boy Factory
815 Andrew Jackson Way
Huntsville, AL, United States
They import as much from Louisiana as possible and make the rest. Making the 12 hour trek to Patton’s in Louisiana for the hot sausage for example. Their own “Hot damn” sauce made the list of Huntsville’s “20 Most Distinctive Dishes” this last summer.
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Wallace Station
3854 Old Frankfort Pike
Versailles, KY, United States
Wallace Station is also about as “In house” as you’ll get. With the exception of the hot sauce they pretty much make everything from scratch. Right down to the salad dressings, dips and even the various mustards. They source as much produce and meats as is possible locally making them “Kentucky proud.” With this dedication to detail you know everything is first rate.
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Dam Site Inn
4095 Patterson Lake Road
Pinckney, MI, United States
Most things are made in house. A notable exception is the pizza dough made by a local bakery. They roast their own beef, make their own chili and hand form their own burgers.
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Casey's Tavern
304 Depot Street
Ann Arbor, MI, United States
Featuring home made bar fare the smallish tavern does as much in house as possible. The beef is ground for burgers and corned for corned beef in house. Such commitment shows in the personnel and food. It’s also made Casey’s a perennial winner of the “Best burger” crown in Ann Arbor.
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Beppo Uno Pizzaria
414 West Water Street
Piqua, OH, United States
A smallish pasta menu accompanies the Roman style pizza. Characterized by an edgeless dough, Roman style pizza is cooked on stone to produce a crispy on the bottom but with a slight bread texture above crust. It's thin but not quite like a cracker and if made right, it should almost melt in your mouth.
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Folia Grill
1031 Pape Ave
Toronto, ON M4K 3V9, CA
Keeping with the feel and philosophy of the little curbside establishments, Folia offers a small menu that is executed extremely well. Just about everything is made in house from ingredients that are locally sourced.
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Camp Washington Chili Inc
3005 Colerain Ave
Cincinnati, OH, United States
It’s not often you find food synonymous with a city and even rarer that you find three such items all under one roof. Goetta is a staple on breakfast tables. Double decker sandwiches are two tiered sandwiches filled with such things as beef, ham, cheese, bacon or veggies between each toasted slice. Then of course there’s Cincinnati chili. The icon of icons in the Greater Cinci Area is widely regarded as THE best around
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New York Subway
520 Queen St W
Toronto, ON M5V 2B7, CA
I will admit to not being particularly impressed on my first visit. Subsequent visits have been better and better. It has become a (sentimental) favourite and a place I feel every city needs.
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Mati's Deli
1842 Monroe Street
Dearborn, MI, United States
Fuel that’ll get you where you wanna go, it’s regarded by some as the best deli in the Greater Detroit Area.
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G's Country Kitchen
2501 Oakwood Ave NW # 5
Huntsville, AL, United States
In Huntsville, Alabama there’s no better example of “Southern (comfort) food” than G’s Country Kitchen.
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Blue Ash Chili Restaurant
9565 Kenwood Road
Blue Ash, OH, United States
Since 1969, Cincinnatians have been flocking to the suburbs and Blue Ash Chili. The little family owned chili parlour has been cranking out Cinci favourites like double deckers, goetta and of course their take on the local chili.
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Lafayette Coney Island
118 West Lafayette Boulevard
Detroit, MI, United States
Layfayette’s claim to the best Coneys in town is bolstered by Detroit Free Press and Click On Detroit polls. Runaway victories in both.
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Kleer-Vu Lunchroom
226 South Highland Avenue
Murfreesboro, TN, United States
“I’ve eaten at Maxim’s in Paris, a 5 star restaurant but I would swap it any day to come here and eat. This right here takes you back home.”
Alex Haley
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Weaver's Hot Dogs
131 North Main Street
London, KY, United States
Perhaps the greatest compliment a restaurant of this type can receive is when a person tells the proprietor that the food is everything it was when they were a kid.
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Autentica Spanish Foods And Espanadas
9 Milvan Drive
Toronto, ON, Canada
The little bakery and cafe (panaderia y café) in back of the Plaza Latina (more on that later) in the north west corner of Toronto is offering up a taste of Chile. From sweets, to breads, to empanadas there’s a little something for everyone.
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Woody's Diner
9 N Wood St
Wapakoneta, OH 45895, US
If however you find yourself in the middle of Ohio get off at exit 111, drive into town and hit up Woody’s diner in Wapakoneta
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Big Fat Burrito
285 Augusta Avenue
Toronto, ON, Canada
One of the GTA’s finest examples of this culinary bomb is Big Fat Burrito.
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Burrito Boyz
218 Adelaide Street West
Toronto, ON, Canada
The simple fact is, Burrito Boyz must be doing something right if people regularly line up at 4am in February in Canada for a burrito.
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Chubby's Barbeque
16430A Old Frederick Road
Emmitsburg, MD, United States
Tom believes in providing top notch food and will toss out inferior product before serving it.
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1200 Fort Myer Drive
Arlington, VA, United States
Even with the temperature in the mid 90’s when we arrived, sitting on the deck with piles of crabs in front of you and the beer flowing was just an incredible way to spend a hot summer (Saturday) night.
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Rama Jama's
1000 Paul W Bryant Drive
Tuscaloosa, AL, United States
Walking in my nose was to promise me a great meal. The smell of flat top hamburgers hung in the air like cherry blossoms on a spring day.
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Maid-Rite Drive-In
125 N Broadway St
Greenville, OH 45331, US
A loose meat sandwich is like a “Sloppy Joe” but not sloppy. Like a burger but not formed.
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Wright's Dairy Rite Inc
346 Greenville Avenue
Staunton, VA, United States
There are some places that just take you back. That are more like a time machine than a restaurant.
So when you find one of these road side gems you almost have to stop.
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Plaza Latina
Toronto, ON, CA
For this is no mere food court. This is an oasis. A portal to another part of the planet. A culinary vacation without ever leaving the city.
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Lincoln Diner
32 Carlisle Street
Gettysburg, PA, United States
The polished stainless steel and neon eatery is a shining example of the great American diner.
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El Cazador (The Taco Bus)
It’s made the list of Huntsville’s 10 Oddest Eateries and getting the reputation as being the best Mexican food in town.
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Chino Bandido
15414 N 19th Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85023, US
The food is very tasty and while it does seem weird to put Jen Red Chicken in a quesadilla or have Jerk Chicken Fried Rice, once you wrap your head around the idea it seems almost like a natural fit.
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Tamale Store
13046 North Cave Creek Road
Phoenix, AZ, United States
My cousin has had many tamales in his life and ranks these up there with the best. Several local publications rank them best as well.
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Hunt's Battlefield Fries
61 Steinwehr Avenue
Gettysburg, PA, United States
ne part restaurant and one part souvenir shop Scott Hunt is serving up some of the best eats in the town. Featuring fresh cut fries, great burgers and “The best darn cheesesteaks out side of Philadelphia.”
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Slows Bar-B-Q
2138 Michigan Avenue
Detroit, MI, United States
We felt the idea of three types of pig in one convenient package was enough to warrant a stop at Slows
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White Light Diner
114 Bridge Street
Frankfort, KY, United States
Quite honestly Rick could probably greet internet visitors with “Come for the food, stay for the lecture.” Yep, owner/chef Rick Paul knows a thing or two about just about anything you can imagine. And he’s not afraid to tell you about it either.
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Carolina's Mexican Food Inc
1202 East Mohave Street
Phoenix, AZ, United States
Not only did Carolina’s fit my Mexican dive restaurant criteria but several people hailed it as having the best machaca Phoenix has to offer.
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Country Boy Restaurat
4141 Old Hillsboro Rd
Franklin, TN 37064, US
The “Home cookin’” principals on which the restaurant was founded had started to slide. That needed to be fixed by ditching the pre made frozen foods and concentrating again on in house food prep.
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Harbor House
831 W Harbor Dr
San Diego, CA 92101, US
Everyone in our group enjoyed their food but unfortunately I was only able to sample an oyster and my own lunch. Both of which were great by the way.
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Greenbrier Restaurant
27028 Old Highway 20
Madison, AL, United States
The reason for our visit, outside of seeking great food in a unique and legendary place of course, is the Hushpuppies. On the list of Huntsville’s 20 Most Distinctive Dishes
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Big Bubba Bucks Belly Bustin
1802 Main Street
Munfordville, KY, United States
Road weary travellers and locals have been enjoying Bubba’s porky goodness and fried catfish for almost 10 years now.
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Maize and Blue Delicatessen
1329 South University Avenue
Ann Arbor, MI, United States
A favourite of UM students and fans Maize and Blue has been around for almost 25 years.
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The Grind
3961 E Camelback Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85018, US
The Grind “Combines old world tecniques with modern day favorites to create quality appetizers, salads, chicken, fish, steak, burgers and weekly blackboard specials.”
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Puckett's Grocery and Restaurant
4142 Old Hillsboro Road
Franklin, TN, United States
It’s always interesting where you’ll find a good meal. I’m not talking about the obvious spots but the more obscure ones. Like in gas stations or drug stores or in the case of Puckett’s, a grocery store.
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Matt's Big Breakfast
801 North 1st Street
Phoenix, AZ, United States
Long a popular establishment for Phoenicians, Matt’s gained nation wide notoriety when Guy Fieri and Triple D gang paid them a visit.
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Duff's Famous Wings
9360 Bathurst St
Vaughan, ON L6A 4N9, CA
Duff’s boasts a pretty well rounded menu so those not interested in the tasty appendages can be satisfied as well.
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Uncle Betty's Diner
2590 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON, Canada
Uncle Betty's is doing diner fare with it's own unique, gourmet twist. The menu is a blend of classics and nouveau diner foods featuring home made Twinkies, meatloaf, sloppy Joes and Toronto's first, Dreesen's Donuts.
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Holy Chuck
1450 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON, Canada
Meat is ground in house and just about every other menu item is made from scratch and the milkshakes are blended to order.
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Extra Perks Coffee Shop
822 North Fairfax Street
Alexandria, VA, United States
The little coffee shop became an instant success and business thrived. It would become the perfect spot to swing by and pick up a cup of coffee and/or a quick bite.
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St. Lawrence Market
92- 95 Front St E
Toronto, ON, Canada
The south building's busy food court is quite simply a food lovers dream. Seafood, meat, vegetable and cheese vendors (among others) all competing against each other for your food dollar.
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The Rootbeer Stand
11566 Reading Rd
Sharonville, OH 45241, US
The chili and most importantly the rootbeer recipes developed by Catherine back in the 50’s are still the same today.The rootbeer is even made with the same equipment they’ve been using since they opened in 1957.
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Paul & Sandy's Real Barbecue
4925 Dundas Street West
Toronto, ON, Canada
So it came as a nice surprise in a land of poorly done Q to see Paul Kocukov serving up some real deal smoky goodness.
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Green Acres Cafe
Birmingham, AL, US
Specializing in soul food, it's a shining example of how to turn oft neglected ingredients into something special.
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The Fuzz Box
1246 Danforth Ave
Toronto, ON M4J 1M6, CA
While I'm sure it's not exclusively the food of the drunken Bluenoser, rest assured most people will tell you that an East Coast Donair is just about the best food to eat at 3am after a long night of imbibing.

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Tastebuds of Wilmore Inc
319 East Main Street
Wilmore, KY, United States
Of course, you’ll need to eat and your best bet is at Tastebuds. The soda fountain come lunch counter in Sim’s Drugs on East Main Street.
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The Stockyards
699 Saint Clair Avenue West
Toronto, ON, Canada
The Fried Chicken and Waffles are amazing. Such an odd combination but this soul food dish dates back centuries.
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David Gibson Barbecue
4114 Bob Wallace Avenue Southwest
Huntsville, AL, United States
Speaking of constants, in the kitchen absolutely nothing has changed in almost 70 years. Still using 100% hickory in their home made pits and still using the same techniques on which the family name was built.
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Churrasco Portugril
1733 Eglinton Avenue East
Toronto, ON, Canada
One part Tasca (A tavern serving sandwiches (less the booze)) and one part Churrasqueira (A churrasco chicken place), Portugril has been serving up Portuguese favourites for nearly a decade now.
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Big Cove BB-Q
153 Taylor Lane SE
Huntsville, AL, United States
If I were to open a BBQ restaurant it’s quite possible I’d want it to look exactly like Big Cove BBQ in Huntsville, Alabama.
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Royal Meat Bbq Inc
710 Kipling Avenue
Toronto,, Canada
The restaurant serves food made fresh from the butcher shop that range from the well known like salads and burgers to the obscure like Chevaps and Karadordeva.
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Nadine's Restaurant
19 South 27th Street
Pittsburgh, PA, United States
Nadine wasn't around so her son Matt was in charge of things. He helped sort through the many tasty options on the smallish menu. The man as you might figure knows his stuff as he went 3 for 3.
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New York Lunch
1005 Parade Street
Erie, PA, United States
Perhaps no trip to Erie, Pa could be considered complete without a visit to New York Lunch. "Serving Erie's original Greek Sauce and Greek Dogs" New York Lunch was opened in 1927
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Paulette's Original Donuts and Chicken
913 Queen St E
Toronto, ON M4M 1J6, CA
This boutique place in Toronto’s Leslieville neighbourhood ...offers up some delicious “to go” fare for the locals.
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Miller's Bar
23700 Michigan Avenue
Dearborn, MI, United States
George Motz wrote the following after visiting Miller’s Bar in Dearborn, Michigan. “The first time I visited Miller’s it was in the middle of a torrential springtime downpour. It was 11:15am on a Wednesday, the bar was packed and everyone was eating hamburgers.”
That in itself should speak volumes about the burgers at Miller's.
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Rally Sports Bar & Smokehouse
1660 O'Connor Drive
Toronto, ON, Canada
“Our passion for sports and food is what drives us. Our goal is to create the ultimate venue to eat, drink, cheer and brag about your team.”
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Pancake Pantry
1796 21st Avenue South
Nashville, TN, United States
Not only has the Pantry become one of Nashville's "Go to" places for breakfast or lunch and a favourite of local celebrities (not the least of which is Taylor Swift ).
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The Flaky Tart
Mount Pleasant Road
Toronto, ON, Canada
This small store offers up some of the best desserts TO can offer.
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Barrel House BBQ
Lynchburg, Moore County, TN, US
Locals say the meat is first rate and the sauce lacks. I thought the sauces were great and the meat was good.
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Banh Mi Boys
392 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON, Canada
Serving Taco Truck favourites out of a store on Queen St. W in TO.
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Countryside Cafe
8223 County Highway 1124
Ooltewah, TN 37363, US
Out in the middle of nowhere this Meat n 3 restaurant has all the favourites.
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Tropical Joes
1000 Gerrard Street East
Toronto, ON, Canada
Tucked away in a food court it serves some of the tastiest Jamaican food in TO
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Ritzy Lunch
456 West Pike Street
Clarksburg, WV, United States
Featuring West Virginia style hotdogs and the regional Giovanni sandwich.
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Moo Milk Bar
1918 Queen Street East
Toronto, ON, Canada
Danielle is churning out cookies, ice cream sandwiches and pies. All from her own collection of recipes refined over the years. The milks are made with fresh fruits and home made syrups. Quality ingredients go into the cookies and pies and they even make their own ice cream for the sandwiches. If milk isn’t the drink for you, an espresso or cappuccino may just hit the spot.
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Tims Cajun Kitchen
114 Jordan Lane Northwest
Huntsville, AL, United States
In the kitchen Tim is doing practically everything himself. Right down to smoking his own meats and making his own hot sauce.