Add Audio To Your Map
Step 1:
Go to and click "Sign Up Now"
Step 2:
Once you've signed in click on the "Record New Audio" link.
Step 3:
This will bring you to the recording page and will pop-up a little dialog asking for permission for the flash player to access your microphone and speakers. Click "Ok". Then plug a microphone into your computer, click "Record", and start recording. When you're done click "Stop".
Step 4:
Click "Save Recording" and, once it has saved, you will be able to add a title and a description.
Step 5:
Once you've saved the title and description you will find a code snippet at the bottom of the page along with a link to a number of different style players. You can use any of these players in a location description or map description by just copying and pasting them in.

Important: You need to remove the line: wmode="transparent" from the code snippet or it will not work properly on Firefox.
Step 6:
This is what you get -->

Check it out on this sample map