Link Directly to Markers on Your Map
Step 1:
Go to your map. You don't have to be logged in. Then click on the "Share/Export" tab at the top of the page.
Step 2:
Click on any marker on your map to select it. The bubble will open. Leave it open.
Step 3:
Click on "Link to this map". This will drop down a menu.
Step 4:
This menu provides a few options. You can get a link to the map, a link to the selected marker, or a link to the exact state of the map. For the purposes of this tutorial we just want to get the link to the selected marker.

So click inside the middle text box. This will select the text and all you have to do is hit Ctrl + C to copy the link. Now you can use this link anywhere you like to link directly to the selected marker.
Step 5:
Here are a few examples. Each link below will bring you to a different marker on the Pivotal Lunch Spots Map:

Little Delhi

Specialty's Sandwiches

Colibri Mexican Bistro

Cafe Infusion